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Does Your Team Feel a Sense of Community?

Posted on Jul 23rd 2019


Does Your Team Feel a Sense of Community?

Your employees are likely members of multiple communities outside the workplace. Whether based in profession, hobbies, religion, political affiliation, health status, neighborhood, family, or friends, most of us belong to several different communities.

Community at work is no new concept. However, it’s often underestimated as an important factor in employee engagement.

Here are a few components of community vital to remember as you consider how it may be impacting your team’s engagement:

  1. Communities are built on commonalities. They bring people together because of what they enjoy, what they believe in, and what they prioritize - including community itself.
  2. Communities embrace various approaches that further a common goal. The goal is what’s important - not necessarily the specific set of steps for getting there.
  3. They operate by specific tenets. The goals and approaches they adopt meet a consistent moral and ethical criteria.
  4. They promote opportunities for connection, learning, and growth. Relationships and a safe environment are often priorities.
  5. Communities tell the people within them that they are not alone, that they are seen and are a valued member and contributor.
  6. Communities have outsiders. The bonds within them are strengthened by the knowledge that not everyone is doing or prioritizing the same things.

As we’ve seen in every facet of life, communities have the power to swing the pendulum because of their members’ engagement.

The two questions to ask then, are 1, is your organization benefiting from the power of community, and 2, are those communities swinging the pendulum in the right direction?