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Pay Pros Arizona: 5 Leadership Practices to Help Disengaged Employees

Posted on Jul 11th 2019

Struggling employees add strain to a company’s balance sheet. They are less productive, cost more to get the same amount of (or less) work done, and can contribute to engagement problems for other team members. Jumping straight to termination is rarely necessary when dealing with engagement issues. Here are 5 practices you can employ to help get struggling talent back on track.

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Pay Pros Arizona: Is Your Leadership Team Effective in These Areas?

Posted on Jul 9th 2019

Effective leadership teams aren’t built on impressive resumes and accolades, but rather the skill sets and characteristics that led to those achievements. In evaluating the state of affairs in your organization and where there may or may not be areas of opportunity, it doesn’t hurt to look at the qualities that make up your leadership team. Here are four qualities to look for in assessing where you may have gaps in skill sets and capabilities.

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Pay Pros Arizona: 4 Best Practices for Conducting Video Interviews

Posted on Jul 4th 2019

Video interviewing is becoming more and more popular among HR teams and hiring executives. Whether compelled by scheduling conflicts, recruiting costs, or simple time efficiency, employers are turning to video more often to evaluate potential talent. Whether you’re a long-time video interviewer or just thinking about how digital conversations may benefit your hiring process, here are four best practices that can help.

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Pay Pros Arizona: Opting In vs. Opting Out

Posted on Jul 2nd 2019

You’ve likely heard of decision fatigue: “the deteriorating quality of decisions made by an individual after a long session of decision making. It is now understood as one of the causes of irrational trade-offs in decision making.” It’s also likely that many employees at mid or higher levels have succumb to this issue at one point or another. For companies looking to improve employee job satisfaction, reducing decision fatigue can be an enormous benefit. Luckily, there’s one simple way to support that process.

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Pay Pros Arizona: 8 Qualities of Effective Employee Advisory Boards

Posted on Jun 27th 2019

If you’ve ever considered creating an employee advisory board, you might have asked yourself what qualities to look for in individual members and the group as a whole. After all, representing and addressing the organization’s challenges and opportunities is no small ask. Here are eight qualities to pursue in order to set your employee advisory board up for success.

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