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Pay Pros Arizona: 4 Management Mistakes That Alienate Employees

Posted on Apr 9th 2019


Pay Pros Arizona: 4 Management Mistakes That Alienate Employees

When it comes to frustrating, demotivating, and alienating employees, these 4 management mistakes do the trick faster than just about anything else.

Unfair, exaggerated consequences

Responding to mistakes with over-the-top consequences or shaming an employee in front of their peers is a quick way to tank your credibility with employees. While some managers have employed this practice to try and establish authority and power, more often than not, this practice has simply called character into question and dulled employee respect.


Consistency is vital to establishing and maintaining positive employee relationships. There is no area of management where inconsistent reactions, feedback, consequences, or measures don't result in negative emotions for employees.

Going back on your word

Going back on your word signifies to employees that you aren't as worthy of their trust. Employees who have reasons to distrust their manager or employer usually don't do their best work. They usually don't feel a sense of "us" or "company" that they buy into.

Lack of follow through and follow up

From discussing pay raise requests, time off, and additional responsibilities, to addressing HR complaints or uncomfortable working conditions, not following through and following up tells employees that their concerns aren't important. Feeling insignificant and undervalued can wreak havoc on output, engagement, and loyalty.