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Pay Pros Arizona: Are You Prepared for an HR Emergency?

Posted on Feb 19th 2019


Pay Pros Arizona: Are You Prepared for an HR Emergency?

For small businesses with under 100 employees, Human Resources can seem like more of a nuisance than a vital business function.

Teams are smaller and employees typically wear multiple hats. Budgets for non-revenue generating roles may be tight. And with moderate growth, hiring people with a low perceived HR risk may not be on your list of pressing challenges.

The reality is that small businesses are not immune from HR issues that larger companies frequently experience. Those that don't prepare and underestimate the potential risk of an HR emergency are typically those that are hit the hardest.

After all, HR problems are a typically matter of when, not if, even in small businesses.

Sexual harassment, discrimination, hostile work environments, violence, theft, drug use, disruptive behavior, and misuse of company property are just a handful of some of the potential HR issues present in small businesses.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself about your current HR liability.

Are you prepared to handle theft in the workplace?

What process would you rely on to deal with a sexual harassment complaint?

What would be your first action if there were a threat of violence from one employee to another?

How would you handle an employee who came to work intoxicated?

Do you know what language to use in these situations to avoid additional liability in a potential lawsuit filed by an employee who believed he was treated unfairly or that his rights were violated?

HR issues can appear as both slow-growing infections and abrupt surprises. Banking on a track record of few complaints and HR challenges is hardly an effective strategy for protecting your business, your people, and your resources.

If you need help developing human resource policies, protocols, and partners designed to reduce your liability, we're here to help.