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Pay Pros Arizona: Responding to the Unexpected

Posted on Apr 18th 2019


Pay Pros Arizona: Responding to the Unexpected

You're no stranger to long hours and hard work. As a business owner, leader, and manager, chances are you've spent countless late nights in the office trying to get ahead.

A common trait in entrepreneurs and business owners is that they actually like the grind of putting in more time, more effort, and more energy than others. It's often a huge contributing factor to what made them successful in the first place, and as such, it can be a difficult habit to break.

While temporarily effective, however, this non-stop chaotic workload causes burnout over time. And not just for you, but also for your employees.

When issues arise, deadlines are rapidly approaching, and there are fires to put out, it can be difficult to entertain the idea that more work and more hours may not be the answer.

But for employees looking for long-term fit, an organization's response to the unexpected can carry quite a bit of weight.

Do culture and promoted values go out the window?

Are employees expected to demonstrate super hero qualities to fix problems?

Are personal lives expected to come second to work?

Are rest and time off rarely-awarded benefits that seem to be slipping further out of reach?

Happy, productive, loyal employees aren't usually those tasked with the unreasonable or unhealthy.