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If you find yourself searching for “payroll services near me,” look no further than Pay Pros. When it comes to payroll services for your employees it’s important to find a company on whom you can depend to off-load the headaches that come with managing payroll. At Pay Pros we can not only eliminate hassle that usually accompanies payroll, but we can provide valuable advice and savings. With experience handling hundreds of thousands of employees’ benefits, liabilities and taxes, Pay Pros is your top choice for payroll processing in Arizona.

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Whether you’re paying yourself, or a team of employees — get more from your payroll with Pay Pros Arizona.

Employees paid by direct deposit. Payroll taxes paid and filed automatically. Compliance, security, deductions and complete accuracy along with a service that is truly professional for all your payroll processing needs.

You focus on growing your business, we'll focus on day-to-day details.

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With many business there comes a point where handling the payroll for your employees is no longer feasible. If your company is in a situation where you’re looking for “Arizona payroll services near me,” consider taking advantage of Pay Pros and the services we offer. Our Arizona payroll professionals are able to provide the assurance, expertise and flexibility required by most companies. Through our proven track record of processing millions of dollars of payroll for businesses of all sizes, Pay Pros is your first choice when it comes to payroll services.

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Payroll can be a very complicated aspect of your business, but when you have Pay Pros by your side to alleviate the stress of payroll, there is no need to worry. With years of experience and millions of dollars processed we haved assisted businesses in streamlining the payroll process, reducing stress and helping these businesses to grow. By outsourcing your payroll to Pay Pros we can help to eliminate in-house costs and time while reducing the risk for fines and penalties. Where experience matters most, Pay Pros is your top choice for payroll processing in Arizona.

Shawn Peterson

CEO at Hut Nº 8

I love their service and I recommend them to everybody


"I love not having to deal with payroll. I did not get into business with a desire to deal with this part of doing business. It is great to have a company that I trust who will pay my employees, create tax forms, and handle payroll taxes at a very reasonable price. Payroll for me is as simple as sending my employee's hours in an email. It is that simple and that awesome!"
- Cody B.

"Pay pros is a top notch payroll and HR outsourcing company. I have used them for almost two years now. They have always been helpful and knowledgeable. I appreciate their expertise in the payroll and HR fields. No matter the size of your company they want to help. Thanks pay pros."
- Steve B.

"Awesome company to outsource your payroll and HR needs. I am recommending their services because of the quality of staffing and the owners are amazing people. I see Nate on a consistent base and he's always happy and has a great sense of humor. I met Terry several times and he was informative and very helpful. He answered all my questions. Overall, I'm impressed with this company. "
- Ashley W.

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Instead of continuing the search for “payroll services near me,” decide now to give Pay Pros a call. For many companies outsourcing payroll services can be a touchy subject, but with Pay Pros there is no reason to be concerned. When you choose to outsource your payroll with Pay Pros you are removing unnecessary risk from you and your company. You’ll also be off-loading the headaches that come with payroll taxes, information management, deductions, W-2 reporting and other payroll related details. We would invite you to learn more about us and the services we offer so you, like many others can discover how we can help your business thrive.

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Great payroll services!
— Stephen Graham | Posted September 27th 2017 on Google
— Chelsy Terry | Posted September 27th 2017 on Google
J2 Cleaning Las Vegas has been using PayPros for as long as we've had employees (we've been in business for since 2003) and they are great. 52 pay weeks a year and never an issue. I did a lot of research before choosing a payroll company and I choose them because they handle everything, including the filing of tax fo...
— J2 Cleaning Las Vegas | Posted September 27th 2014 on Google