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Responding to the Unexpected

Posted on Apr 18th 2019

You're no stranger to long hours and hard work. As a business owner, leader, and manager, chances are you've spent countless late nights in the office trying to get ahead. A common trait in entrepreneurs and business owners is that they actually like the grind of putting in more time, more effort, and more energy than others. It's often a huge contributing factor to what made them successful in the first place, and as such, it can be a difficult habit to break.

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How to Help Retiring Employees Leave on a Positive Note

Posted on Apr 16th 2019

The road to retirement is long. It's a hard-won accomplishment achieved through decades of learning, growth, development, and challenging work. It marks the close of an enormous chapter in someone's life, and the start of something else entirely unknown. As the last employer someone will work for, you play a significant role in how they remember the moment, as well as the years leading up to it.

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5 Things to Avoid In Your New Hire's First 30 Days

Posted on Apr 11th 2019

The first 30 days of a new hire's employment can be full of excitement. Not only is it time for the new hire to start learning the ropes. It's also the initial window an organization has to set a new employee up for success, and ensure initial results meet their expectations.

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4 Management Mistakes That Alienate Employees

Posted on Apr 9th 2019

When it comes to frustrating, demotivating, and alienating employees, these 4 management mistakes do the trick faster than just about anything else.

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How to Support Employee Delight

Posted on Apr 4th 2019

For many years, companies all over the world have been focused on delighting their customers, providing experiences that deliver "great pleasure." For customers, delight can be offered through customer service experiences, product and service quality, and even packaging.

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