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3 Approaches to Leave at the Door of Difficult Conversations

Posted on Aug 1st 2019

You’ve no doubt experienced difficult conversations with employees and leaders at some point in your career. Despite most people’s instinct to avoid them, they are often a necessary element of employee improvement, leadership alignment, and company progress. There are many conversational attributes, however, that have the ability to steer difficult conversations off track. The outcome is often undesirable and contentious results that lead to even more difficulty down the road. When preparing for your next difficult conversation, here are three approaches to leave at the door.

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Raising the Bar Without Damaging Engagement

Posted on Jul 30th 2019

A lot of friction can come with elevated performance standards, and it can feel as though raising expectations might be the fatal blow to the engagement you’ve worked so hard to cultivate throughout your organization. But there are a few simple practices you can implement to drive toward desired results without losing valuable employees.

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4 Common Causes of Quick Turnover

Posted on Jul 25th 2019

Recruiting is a difficult task in competitive job markets. Fighting bigger budgets and combatting a shallow recruiting pool often leaves small businesses with candidates willing to accept lower salaries. When new hires don’t work out in tough job markets, the assumption is frequently made that it’s due to pay scales or underqualified candidates. However, there are often several other factors at play that contribute to high turnover.

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Does Your Team Feel a Sense of Community?

Posted on Jul 23rd 2019

Your employees are likely members of multiple communities outside the workplace. Whether based in profession, hobbies, religion, political affiliation, health status, neighborhood, family, or friends, most of us belong to several different communities. Community at work is no new concept. However, it’s often underestimated as an important factor in employee engagement. Here are a few components of community vital to remember as you consider how it may be impacting your team’s engagement.

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4 Ways to Conduct Better Team Building Activities

Posted on Jul 18th 2019

As an employee or a member of a professional organization, chances are you’ve found yourself participating in a team building activity. Team building activities are designed to strengthen the bond between team members and foster a sense of belonging in someone’s individual role in an organization. Yet, these activities often take on lighthearted, seemingly pointless or silly note in a workplace event. Here’s how to hit the nail on the head when planning for your next team building activity.

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