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The Achilles Heel of Flexible Work Arrangements

Posted on Dec 11th 2018

Flexible work arrangements can be great for both employees and employers. Employees get the freedom to deal with the realities of life that can interrupt schedules, without having to use PTO or face the backlash of unplanned absences upon their return. Employers often get more engaged and more productive employees that self-govern their time and focus on bottom line output, rather than the amount of time they sit in a seat. Today, we discuss the Achilles Heel of flexible work arrangements, brought to you by our professional employer organization.

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3 Assets That Will Help You Make Easier Decisions

Posted on Dec 6th 2018

When tough decisions arrive, there are three things that ultimately define your ability to make the right ones. Here are some assets that will help you make easier decisions, brought to you by our PEO firm.

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7 Places to Find Simplicity During the Day

Posted on Dec 4th 2018

Complex and entangled situations at work can be the cause of a myriad of regrettable issues. Stress, loss of sleep, poor decision-making, and frustration only begin to scratch the surface. Thankfully, there are seven junctures throughout the day where simplicity can be found, helping you clear out the clutter, decompress, and get back to work with renewed energy. Here are seven places to find simplicity during the day, brought to you by our HR services.

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How to Define and Incentivize Impact

Posted on Nov 29th 2018

Many small businesses find themselves stuck operating with incentivization programs that don't actually serve business goals. Key metrics of the organization have been outlined. Teams are in consensus about what's important. Top-level goals are being hit. Still, not much is changing when you look at the bottom line. Here are ways to define and incentivize impact, brought to you by our HR services for small business.

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Changing the Lines of Your Company Culture

Posted on Nov 27th 2018

In your mission and vision statement, there are clear parameters and guidelines for the way you do business. You've outlined the market you serve, the value you provide, and your competitive niche in the industry. These tenants of your brand are what steers your organization forward, and should be the pillars by which you make decisions. They're also the foundation for your organization's culture. The way you treat your people, the values you expect them to have or adopt, and the way they engage with customers and collaborators all stem from these pillars. Here are some ways you can change the lines of your company culture, brought to you by our professional employer organization.

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