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Who to Fire First?

Posted on Aug 14th 2018

It’s not uncommon to be faced with the need to fire two people at the same time. If these employees are on different teams, it may be no big deal. Outside of general employee responses to people being let go, these fires probably won’t disrupt things for too long.

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6 Big Benefits of Employee Networking

Posted on Aug 9th 2018

Many small businesses rely on networking events as a channel for acquiring new customers.

Due to the potential of these events, business owners and executives are typically the ones in attendance. Similarly, salespeople are usually next in line when it comes to getting additional employees involved.

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3 Reasons to Use Self Appraisals with Your Staff

Posted on Aug 7th 2018

Self appraisals or self evaluations can be easy to ignore when things get busy. They can be even easier to shove off when things are going well and targets are being hit. But employers that utilize self assessments with their teams, regardless of present circumstances, are ahead of the curve. Here are 3 reasons to stick to this practice with every member of your team:

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Is Micromanagement Killing Your Employees' Morale?

Posted on Aug 2nd 2018

Micromanagement has long gotten a bad rap. And for good reason. The constant oversight and unnecessary involvement of managers in their employees’ day-to-day work has been known to have more than one negative impact. Results can include:

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1 Simple Way to Boost Your Team's Productivity

Posted on Jul 31st 2018

Most people tend to eat what’s put in front of them. For better or for worse.

Simple as it may seem, the snack and drink options you provide your team may be making a huge difference in their overall energy and productivity.

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