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Are You Generating ROI From Your Human Capital?

Posted on Feb 26th 2019

There's an interesting dichotomy in many small businesses when it comes to the optimization of assets.

In pursuit of knowledge that can create dollars, we spend countless hours building and analyzing reports about how, where, and when we're making our money. And how we can make more of it even faster.

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5 Things to Include in Every Offer Letter

Posted on Feb 21st 2019

First things first: if you're not currently using formal offer letters, start now.

A signed agreement of employment between a business and an employee protects both parties from unnecessary issues - both human and legal.

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Are You Prepared for an HR Emergency?

Posted on Feb 19th 2019

For small businesses with under 100 employees, Human Resources can seem like more of a nuisance than a vital business function.

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For the Love of Your Business, Don’t Make These Hires

Posted on Feb 14th 2019

These characters do well in movies, books, and theatre. They draw dramatic attention and stir up conflicting emotions. They pull spectators into a world governed by a damaged psyche, and entertain them with the chaos, contention, and unrest they bring to everything they touch.

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Measuring Soft Skill Performance

Posted on Feb 12th 2019

Every organization has expectations of its employees. From they way they conduct themselves to how they interact with peers, to their quality of work, expectations are the guiding lines that keep the entire organization on the right track.

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