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3 Interview Questions to Ask Every Candidate

Posted on Aug 30th 2018

Bad interview questions are unfortunately a dime a dozen. Even with all the interview training, outside recruiters, and full-time positions dedicated to this responsibility, most organizations have yet to hit the nail on the head. For years and across all industries, questions that skim the surface, alienate candidates, and provide lackluster insights into potential performance have run amok. Here are some interview questions to ask every candidate, brought to you by Pay Pros' PEO firm.

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Reduce the Possibility of Harassment Claims in Your Workplace

Posted on Aug 28th 2018

When it comes to reducing the possibility and instances of harassment claims in the workplace, there's a simple mantra to follow: Address prevention head on. Here are some ways to reduce harassment claims in your workplace, brought to you by Pay Pros' HR services.

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How to Elevate Performance Standards Without Damaging Engagement

Posted on Aug 23rd 2018

The most effective leaders and managers are able to marry high engagement with high performance standards. But that's no small task. With everything we know about the importance of office culture, work-life balance, diversity and inclusion, and feeling personally attached to the work we do and why we do it, there are a myriad of factors executives have to consider to effectively achieve this balance. Here are some tips on how to elevate performance standards without damaging engagement, brought to you by Pay Pros' HR outsourcing services.

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The Number 1 Culprit of Bad Hires

Posted on Aug 21st 2018

Organizations small and large experience a certain portion of what they would call "bad hires." These are typically defined as hires that weren't able to perform their most important job functions, lacked the soft skills related to the position, ultimately demonstrated a poor work ethic, or contributed to an unhealthy office environment with gossip, insubordination, negativity, or conflict. Here is some tips on the number 1 culprit of bad hires, brought to you by Pay Pros' PEO services.

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4 Symptoms of a Healthy Office Culture

Posted on Aug 16th 2018

There are many telltale signs of poor office cultures. But there are also many that indicate a thriving environment in which your team is happy, motivated, and succeeding. How many of these symptoms are noticeable in your workplace? Here are 4 symptoms of a healthy office culture, brought to you by Pay Pros' HR services.

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