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4 Symptoms of a Problematic Leadership Style

Posted on May 23rd 2019


4 Symptoms of a Problematic Leadership Style

Leading and communicating with various personality types is no small feat. Many of even the most well-known and respected visionaries get a lot of flack for their leadership style.

Here are 4 signs your own might be worth shaking up.

There’s Obvious Confusion

Missed deadlines, inappropriate project scope, misunderstandings, and even worse, an employee failing to ask for clarity, all are signs that there may be a leadership issue in your midst. These things can be symptomatic of poor communication and a fear-based approach to leadership - neither of which are worth holding onto.

You Don’t Know Your People

Depending on the size of your business, it may not be feasible to form a direct relationship with every employee. But for most small business owners, it is. If you don’t find yourself in casual conversation with your people on a regular basis, consider changing things up. Odds are that most of your employees respond positively to direct attention and genuine interest, even if it’s just a few minutes.

You’re Losing Staff

Employee turnover can be symptomatic of many things, but bad leadership and poor relationships are usually at the top of the list. Employees who respect their leaders are more likely to accept aspects they don’t like about their jobs in order to stick around.

If you find yourself losing staff at any level of your business, it’s worth examining the leadership qualities that might be feeding the problem.

Your Employees Don’t Often Speak Up

Employees that have the ability to make a dramatic impact to a business are often those that openly express their ideas, concerns, and observations to their leaders. They voice their thoughts, contribute to meetings and projects, and communicate well with their peers. These are usually people you want to keep around.

If it feels like meeting participation is always low and the ideas being generated are mundane and predictable, problematic leadership probably has a hand in what’s happening.