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4 Ways to Avoid Lost Productivity to Snow

Posted on Nov 15th 2018


4 Ways to Avoid Lost Productivity to Snow

The season of snowy roads, icy conditions, accidents, and traffic jams is officially upon us.

For teams comprised of commuting employees, lost hours and efficiency are realities that have to be faced during the winter.

While snow-related interruptions can't be entirely avoided, here are four ways you can mitigate them and maintain consistent productivity, brought to you by our payroll service company.

1. Flexible Hours

Allowing your people the ability to come in earlier or later may help them avoid increased traffic and accidents.

Some companies have gone even further to allow workday flexibility as well during the winter. Rather that Monday-Friday, some employees choose to take a Tuesday off and work on a Saturday to avoid big storms and messy roads.

Flexible hours and schedules also allow employees to enjoy the benefits of the season. An impromptu snow day can be a nice added perk that doesn't have to slow things down.

2. Public Transportation Passes

Rail and bus passes can be a great way to keep your employees' productivity on track. Public transportation can help them avoid breakdowns in their regular commute, as well as their own car trouble. It can also help them get a jump on their work before they get to the office when and if they do get stuck.

3. On-Site Lunches

Leaving for lunch can be a welcome break during the day, but winter conditions can make the trip a little less appealing. Company-paid on-site lunches can be both a great winter perk and a strategy for avoiding lost time.

4. Remote Work

If nothing else, the ability to work from home can serve as the dagger to the heart in winter productivity disruptions. For those roles that are feasible to be done from home, take some time before the storms hit to get them setup with the tools and resources they'll need.

Remote work can also be a great solution for light sicknesses. Coughs and colds brought on by cold temperatures might not knock your people out completely, but odds are those are germs you don't want brought in to the office.

Rather than missing an entire day of work, an at-home option can help keep both your people and your goals on track.

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