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Changing the Lines of Your Company Culture

Posted on Nov 27th 2018


Changing the Lines of Your Company Culture

Here are some ways you can change the lines of your company culture, brought to you by our professional employer organization.

In your mission and vision statement, there are clear parameters and guidelines for the way you do business.

You've outlined the market you serve, the value you provide, and your competitive niche in the industry. These tenants of your brand are what steers your organization forward, and should be the pillars by which you make decisions.

They're also the foundation for your organization's culture. The way you treat your people, the values you expect them to have or adopt, and the way they engage with customers and collaborators all stem from these pillars.

Still, there come forks in the road where the next best step is unclear. Rough spots on the path jerk you back to the very foundation of what you do, and you're forced to make new decisions that are often more emotionally-charged and complicated than those you previously made. They challenge what you stand for, the principles by which you operate, and the value you place on different assets of your business.

Defining the lines or edges of your company culture - those principles and bottom lines you stand by regardless of what's happening - is rarely a one-time exercise. Even the most thoughtful and intentional plans have a way of being challenged and stripped to their core at one point or another.

But rather than sway easily or guilt yourself for having to revisit these decisions, what if you embraced the possibility that you might have been mistaken the first time around?

What if instead of tension and blame, these difficult conversations were approached with eagerness and determination? Not to hold tight to principles that no longer serve the market, your people, or your product, but rather to clear out the clutter and find your true north?

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