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The Future of Work

Posted on Mar 12th 2019


The Future of Work

The topic of remote work continues to be hotly debated.

Deep-dive studies continue to evaluate the impact and value of remote work on productivity, collaboration, and company culture.

And it's often argued that Millennials are hungrier for this kind of freedom than previous generations, making it potentially more difficult to hire and retain younger talent without a remote or flexible work arrangement as part of the offer.

Some studies suggest that in the next five years, a large portion of organizations both small and large will be offering a remote work option.

Some companies moving in that direction are relying on studies about employee satisfaction.

Others are weighing the potential cons of that dynamic against the growing overhead costs of office space, on-site perks, and tedious management oversight that makes employees feel more like cogs than contributors.

For many organizations, the future of work appears to be largely flexible.

But that doesn't mean that companies looking to stay competitive have to jump on board. That might actually be the worst possible decision if "everyone else is doing it" is your primary reason for doing so.

The reality is that remote work isn't the right option for many companies. It might not be a good fit for your current management. It might not be a good fit for your current staff. It might not be a good fit for many job functions you employ. It might not be a good fit for your company culture.

Rather than jumping on the wagon in the name of replicating what your competitors or other businesses in your area are offering, it's worth considering what you want the future of your work to look like.