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How to Determine Why Your Employees Are Quitting

Posted on May 14th 2019


How to Determine Why Your Employees Are Quitting

The exit interview is perhaps one of the most underutilized assets employers have in improving future retention.

These conversations offer HR personnel, managers, and business owners the opportunity to learn more about what they can be doing better to keep valuable employees around.

In order to determine the true causes of employee turnover, here are a few best practices to implement:

Conduct the Interview

Don’t skip the exit interview, even if the departing employee is leaving on less-than-perfect terms. It’s often disappointed and disillusioned employees that will be the most candid about the true causes for their departure.

Ask Followup Questions

If the employee is willing, dig deeper than surface answers. It’s not uncommon for the first response to be a symptom of the real underlying issue.

Document the Conversation

Create a simple system for utilizing, storing, and analyzing exit interview documentation. These are especially useful over time when a company loses more than one or two employees. Look for trends and common responses that might shed light on core issues within your recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training, compensation, and culture.

Take Action

It’s rare that every resignation is a welcome one. If you’re losing people you would have preferred to keep, action is the only measure that can help prevent future employee attrition. Determine the areas that will make the biggest impact and develop a plan for improvement.

Better yet, let your current employees be a part of that process. Getting them involved and giving them a voice may prevent their own unnecessary departure down the road.