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Inspiration as a Product

Posted on Feb 7th 2019


Inspiration as a Product

As an employer, there are a handful of products you probably offer your employees in exchange for their time.

Some of them may be part of a benefits package - health care, time off, bonuses.

Others may be part of your on-site environment - lunches, snacks, coffee, games, and books.

Many organizations focus on the tangible employee perks they offer when they evaluate their employer standing in their industry or community.

"We have a fancy break room." "We have pool tables." "We have sleeping pods."

Far fewer focus on the intangible things they can offer. Ironically, the things that their employees actually care more about.

Inspiration for employees is perhaps more powerful than any of the office perks you've invested in thus far. The ROI for convenient snacks and down-time activities is limited.

In contrast, it's hard to put a cap on the ROI of inspiration.

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you've no doubt experienced that firsthand. You know that inspiration has to the power to connect someone - sometimes irrevocably - to an idea, purpose, or mission they're passionate about.

It has a way of garnering incredible levels of focus, attention, commitment, resilience, solidarity, input, output, self esteem, self discovery, and self actualization.

Figuring out how to package, deliver, and reinforce inspiration for your people might be the most important investment you ever make.