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For the Love of Your Business, Don’t Make These Hires

Posted on Feb 14th 2019


For the Love of Your Business, Don’t Make These Hires

The sullen.

The withdrawn.

The entitled.

The dangerous.

The inappropriately amorous.

The dishonest.

The semi-responsible.

The contemptible.

The rash.

These characters do well in movies, books, and theatre. They draw dramatic attention and stir up conflicting emotions. They pull spectators into a world governed by a damaged psyche, and entertain them with the chaos, contention, and unrest they bring to everything they touch.

As film buffs and theatre goers, we tend to fall in love with something that makes this person who they are. So we tolerate their bad decisions. We accept that they live outside societal norms and that they practice unhealthy relationship behaviors and live by self-destructive tendencies.

We excuse their bad behavior, and sometimes even irrationally blame others with them.

Odds are these characters wouldn't fare quite as well in making fans of your business, their peers, or your customers.