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Why You Should Measure Your Employee Experience

Posted on Sep 4th 2018


Why You Should Measure Your Employee Experience

Brands both small and large have realized how crucial it is to understand their customer journey.

Documenting what happens at each stage, and the information, communication, and assistance necessary during each one helps organizations move clients further down the sales funnel.

It also helps the organization understand what resonates and what doesn't, allowing them to find gaps and opportunities that can improve lifetime customer value. Far fewer companies, however, have adopted the same mindset for their employee journey.

But why? Here are some tips on why you should measure your employee experience, brought to you by our PEO firm.

An employee's journey - from first learning about your organization, all the way to joining your ranks, referring friends, and sharing your products with their networks - is just as worthy to solve for.

But this important step is often overlooked during the recruiting and hiring process. Day-to-day needs and operational shifts come first, pushing this task further and further down the list.

Rather than focusing on improving the lifetime value of employees they've invested thousands of dollars in through hiring and training, many organizations poorly manage this investment.

From a lack of career development paths and training opportunities, to poor culture integration and inconsistent feedback loops, many organizations' employee journeys have one overwhelming problem in common:

They don't exist.

They were never mapped. Never addressed. Never intentionally solved for.

Here's one reason to make your employee journey a priority:

Your employees are your easiest market to influence.

Where else can you gather feedback, build effective processes collaboratively, and iterate quickly with on-site visibility and a real-time pulse on emotions?

Every organization should have a goal of turning their people into brand advocates. Just like an impactful customer journey that creates loyalty and trust, understanding what information, communication, and assistance your employees need at each stage of their journey is the only way to solve for and optimize your best path to employee advocacy. Do you have any questions? Contact Pay Pros today to discuss our PEO services, we're happy to help!