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Mediocrity is a Perfectly Acceptable Goal

Posted on Feb 5th 2019


Mediocrity is a Perfectly Acceptable Goal

It seems as though the bulk of the companies we engage with and purchase from on a regular basis are in a race toward the bottom.

It's no secret that Apple's product quality has diminished significantly in recent years.

It's no secret that Amazon stocks far more junk products than it does quality buys.

Name the last time you had an exceptional experience or phone call with an airline, cable provider, or the IRS. (Bonus points if you can name a single positive interaction with the IRS.)

When was the last time you enjoyed the customer service you received at a drive-thru restaurant?

Unfortunately, these experiences aren't really the most upsetting part of the race towards mediocrity.

The real problem is that all of these companies and organizations still have customers.

Customers that aren't demanding more.

Customers that aren't holding the organization accountable for their promises.

Customers that are fine accepting mediocre products, services, and experiences - even when they're paying more for the same thing they used to get for less.

Customers that prefer cheap over effective. Tolerable over exceptional.

In your recruiting and retention efforts, you can find candidates that fit the same mold.

In all reality, being a mediocre organization doesn't mean you'll lose employees hand over fist, or that no one will stick around for the long haul.

Mediocre can be a perfectly acceptable goal.

But it might be worth asking yourself if those that blindly accept mediocrity and fail to demand more are really the people you want on your team.