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3 Relationship-Building Practices to Implement Today Between Your Managers and Employees

Posted on Nov 20th 2018


3 Relationship-Building Practices to Implement Today Between Your Managers and Employees

The value of personal relationships is often underestimated in the workplace. This is especially true between managers and their direct reports.

Many managers take the simple stance that work is work, and everything else isn't. This keeps workplace conversations professional, but can compromise the engagement and buy-in they're able to garner from their employees.

Personal connections to people and values are what drives engagement and loyalty. Managers that choose to emphasize relationship-building with their employees have adopted some of these techniques to implement the process consistently across their teams. Here are three relationship-building practices to implement today between your managers and employees, brought to you by our HR services.

Weekly 1:1s

Weekly check-ins are great for measuring productivity and potential barriers, sure. But they are also a great opportunity to touch base personally with each and every employee.

These conversations can serve as an opportunity to get to know your people better - what's happening outside of work that's good and bad, what they need most to be successful, the hobbies they're enjoying, and what's happening in their families' lives.

Monday Morning Standups

Development and project management teams typically adopt a daily stand-up to check in on deliverables and assets. But teams of all functions and sizes can benefit from a similar approach on Monday mornings.

Take a few minutes at the start of each week to address the following with your team:

  • Last week's high
  • Last week's low
  • This week's goals
  • Best thing you did this weekend

This flow can help drive business objectives forward, but also provides a simple opportunity for managers to connect personally with their employees. It also allows employees the opportunity to connect with each other.

Professional Development Clubs

Specialized teams have an enormous opportunity to join together in productive professional development projects that also help build personal relationships.

From monthly book clubs, to study halls, and out-of-the-office learning opportunities, professional development clubs gives managers and employees the ability to connect on deeper levels. Not only do they allow others deeper insight into the thought processes, decision-making habits, and skill sets of their teammates, they provide a natural reduction in workplace formality that can keep personal relationship-building at bay.

Personal relationship-building is much like many other business practices: the effort you put in usually equates to the value you gain.

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