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How to Help Retiring Employees Leave on a Positive Note

Posted on Apr 16th 2019


How to Help Retiring Employees Leave on a Positive Note

The road to retirement is long. It's a hard-won accomplishment achieved through decades of learning, growth, development, and challenging work. It marks the close of an enormous chapter in someone's life, and the start of something else entirely unknown.

As the last employer someone will work for, you play a significant role in how they remember the moment, as well as the years leading up to it.

Here's how to help ensure your retiring employees leave the workforce on a positive note.

Acknowledge Their Impact

Outside of a team- or company-wide celebration, a one-on-one conversation or a note of thanks can mean the world to an exiting employee. Acknowledgment of their accomplishments within your organization and the impact those will continue to make after they leave can reaffirm their own perceived value upon retirement.

Don't be afraid to acknowledge their contributions to your culture and your own personal role and development, as well. What have they brought to the table that others haven't? How did they contribute in unique and meaningful ways? What were you able to learn from how they approached their work?

Celebrate Their Hobbies

Retirement can be an emotionally-charged time for many, filled with questions about how to best enjoy time that used to be spent working.

Ring in your retiring employee's achievement by celebrating their hobbies, as well as their professional successes. Gifts from the company, executives, and team members that support a passion outside of work can help keep the energy high and positive in their final days in the workforce.

Make It Personal

Over-the-top retirement bashes aren't likely to be a good fit for every employee that retires from your organization. Make sure that whatever you do, it reflects your employee's personality, tastes, and social comfort. Games, food, and even invitations to family members should honor and respect your retiring employee.