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Measuring Soft Skill Performance

Posted on Feb 12th 2019


Measuring Soft Skill Performance

Every organization has expectations of its employees. From they way they conduct themselves to how they interact with peers, to their quality of work, expectations are the guiding lines that keep the entire organization on the right track.

Most companies place a greater emphasis on output expectations - conversion rates, units sold, average transaction value, year-over-year growth, and department P&Ls, to name a few.

Others place a greater focus on soft skill expectations - culture fit, empathy, contributing to a positive work environment, adopting company values, transparency, vulnerability, communication skills, and professionalism.

Unfortunately, many make the mistake of thinking that soft skill expectations can't be measured, and even worse, that they aren't inextricably tied to output KPIs.

With every soft skill expectation, there is a correlating KPI that can help you gauge how effective individual members and your collective team really are.

The trick is making the choice to find them.