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What Narratives Are You Reinforcing?

Posted on Jan 31st 2019


What Narratives Are You Reinforcing?

The way you speak to your employees matters just as much as what's being said, both verbally and non-verbally.

Employees in your organization, just like you, have their own narratives of what's happening within the company.

They too pick apart failures, downfalls, setbacks, and challenges through their own perspective. How they do this and the lens through which they evaluate these situations contributes significantly to how they handle and respond to what's next.

In your rush to move forward, set the record straight, or get profits back on track, be cognisant of what you're really communicating to your people.

What narratives are you reinforcing with your tone and your words?

Which ones are you perpetuating with your silence?

What narratives are you supporting with your behaviors?

Which ones are you contradicting with your indecision or lack of movement?

The stories you tell your employees about what's happening are what initially shapes their perspective. But it's those you subtly reinforce over time through your actions that ultimately swing the most weight.