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 Pay Pros Idaho: 3 Reasons to Create a Culture of HR Transparency

Posted on Mar 26th 2019


Pay Pros Idaho: 3 Reasons to Create a Culture of HR Transparency

There are dozens of reasons why HR transparency is a vital practice to adopt as part of your company's culture.

Here are just 3 that make the case all by themselves:

HR transparency reinforces a level playing field for all employees.

Prioritizing HR transparency - regardless of who is involved - creates unity, trust, and equality among employees. This helps you as the employer enforce your own policies and procedures without prejudice, as well as ensure that protected statuses remain just that.

Treatment and resolution of HR issues can only be deemed fair when there is consistency. Creating transparency in HR practices, procedures, and outcomes reinforces expectations from employer to employee, as well as the other way around.

HR transparency decreases the likelihood of unreported incidents.

The perceived quality with which an HR issue is addressed and resolved is impacted by the timing and manner in which it was brought to someone's attention. But there are many reasons an employee might choose to delay voicing their complaint or ignore an issue altogether.

Employees that feel a threat of retaliation from offenders, ridicule from their peers, or judgment and punishment from their employer are far less likely to address HR issues in timeframes and manners that help will you address them quickly and fairly.

They are also less likely to bring important issues to attention when they feel their supervisor or manager is going to be unresponsive, defensive, or lazy about taking action. Over time and as issues recur, this can lead to deep dissatisfaction for employees and compounded risk for the company.

HR transparency eliminates unnecessary risk.

When it comes to HR, companies that operate by concealment rather than transparency are constantly finding themselves in the news. Inappropriate, inconsistent, and unfair handling of HR issues always find their way out.

Employees talk. Make sure they are comfortable and confident in talking to you.