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Pay Pros Nevada: 7 Reasons to Create an Employee Advisory Board

Posted on Jun 25th 2019

An employee advisory board is a collection of hand-picked team members that address and help resolve company issues. Much like any type of board, these groups bring a wide range of topics to discuss in meetings, ranging from employee compensation to ideas for company expansion. Outside of offering insights and ideas, however, employee advisory boards offer a myriad of benefits to companies that employ them well. Here are a few reasons you might consider establishing one in your organization.

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Pay Pros Nevada: 4 Practices for Building Stronger Relationships With Your Employees

Posted on Jun 20th 2019

Relationships with leaders and managers remain a key factor in employee retention. For some, this single element of employment outweighs compensation, benefits, years on the job, and flexible work arrangements when it comes to the decision to stay or leave. Strengthening relationships with employees should be integral to the talent retention strategy of managers and executives. Here are four habits you can develop now to support the process.

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Pay Pros Nevada: 4 Ways to Encourage Productivity Habits Among Employees

Posted on Jun 18th 2019

Few people, if any, are immune to the occasional productivity slump. Others, however, seem to be derailed daily by distractions, often leaving the office wondering what they accomplished. From business owners to entry level employees, this problem can run rampant if not carefully corrected. Employees that struggle to maintain a healthy level of productivity can be expensive to the bottom line, as well as a distraction to otherwise efficient peers. Here are four ways you can encourage productive habits among your employees:

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Pay Pros Nevada: How to Improve Your Appeal to Top Candidates

Posted on Jun 13th 2019

In today's competitive job market, standing out against competitors also vying for top talent has become an increasingly difficult challenge. Without significant name recognition, it might seem like your only option is to take what's left in the candidate pool after bigger companies claim the cream of the crop. Fortunately, there are ways you can compete and make your company more appealing to potential employees. Here are a few ideas that have helped other small businesses win the recruiting war.

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Preparing a Change-Resistant Team for Changes in Management Nevada

Posted on Jun 11th 2019

Changes in management and leadership teams can be particularly disruptive - especially for those employees who are naturally resistant to change in the first place. Many of the people you employ might have a natural struggle with change. While others may look at change through the lens of innovation, improvement, or development, it can be tricky to get change-averse employees on board when established personnel starts moving. Here are four practices that can help ease the process.

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