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Pay Pros Nevada: 7 Signs You're Not Ready to Offer Remote Work

Posted on Apr 2nd 2019


Pay Pros Nevada: 7 Signs You're Not Ready to Offer Remote Work

Remote work is a growing benefit many talented employees are looking for. Whether changing roles, moving to a new organization, or looking to get more out of their current position, many are turning to remote work as an appealing option.

Remote work can provide enormous benefits to companies with cultures that align with remote work dynamics. Those that:

  • Encourage employees to take on more responsibility
  • Encourage employees to self-manage their time and tasks
  • Hire excellent communicators
  • Hire employees that excel at multitasking
  • Have committed employees that regularly go above and beyond to make a difference
  • Have leaders and managers that believe in a healthy work-life balance, and want to support employees' needs outside the workplace

For many of these organizations, remote work has proven to increase employee loyalty, retention, and production. It's become a staple in their company culture, and a foundational way of operating.

For others, however, remote work can cause far more damage than good.

Remote work is rarely the right call for organizations that:

  • Value time in seats over work produced
  • Rely on micromanagement tactics to get things done
  • Employ strict policies for how and when work is done
  • Have low employee engagement and loyalty
  • Experience high amounts of HR complaints
  • Have leaders and managers that don't entirely trust their teams to do things the right way, or to do them at all
  • Foster "work first and always" corporate mindsets with little priority on managing personal lives and relationships

If any of those seven statements sound like your company, the time may not be right for remote work.

If so, the real question comes down to whether those aspects of your culture are some you embrace or some you care to change.