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Pay Pros Nevada: What is Your Leadership

Posted on Mar 28th 2019


Pay Pros Nevada: What is Your Leadership "Why?"

Simon Sinek's advice to Start With Why has been changing organizations around the globe over the last several years.

On the premise that "people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it" Sinek has advised that all businesses define their why, and develop a strategy to clearly communicate it to their customers, employees, partners, and investors.

Many organizations have adopted this approach, helping them draw a line in the sand about who they are, what they stand for, and how they provide value.

Fewer organizations, unfortunately, have adopted the same why into their leadership strategy.

Creating a powerful and effective why that sets you apart from competitors, carves a niche in your industry, and builds emotional connections with your customers requires far more than the why itself.

It requires implementation from the top down, starting with your leadership strategy.

Consider Apple's why, as mentioned by Sinek in his TED Talk: "We challenge the status quo."

If Apple's leadership was unwelcoming of new ideas from employees that may require change or discomfort (just like the bloated corporate culture that's been abhorred for decades), their why becomes less effective and less sincere - starting internally, and ultimately impacting their customers' experience and relationship with the brand.

Does a similar breakdown exist in the implementation of your own why?

There's one simple question to ask that can help you determine whether your leadership why is in line with the one you've hitched your company to:

What's the desired outcome of any interaction you have with an employee?

Does that desired outcome support your organizational why, or could it be causing conflict?

While your company why is designed to steer the ship true north, it's important to recognize the internal prongs that can dull its impact.