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Regardless of the size, any company that has employees requires a solution for human resource management. However, the costs and time it takes to hire an in-house HR manager does not make sense for most companies, which is why most small businesses outsource their HR.

When looking to outsource human resources functions, companies have two main options-to go with – a PEO (Professional Employee Organization) or an HRO (Human Resource Outsourcing) company. A PEO performs all the same functions as an HRO, but with the added benefit of assuming all risks and legal liabilities for your company, essentially eliminating all responsibility for any HR related lawsuits, fines, fees or training and compliance related issues.

The hiring process requires knowledge of federal anti-discrimination laws that prohibit employment discrimination based on disabilities, race, color, religion, sex and national origin. Contact Pay Pros if you'd like to receive more information about our local Utah HR Outsourcing services.

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We manage all employee details and assume all risks, liabilities and legal responsibilities for your employees.

Development of employee policies and procedures. Conducting new hire orientations, ongoing training sessions and all exit interviews. Managing all unemployment claims and maintaining continual compliance with ADA, FMLA, FLSA & EEOC. Handling employee disciplinary actions and providing legal representation.

You focus on growing your business, we'll focus on day-to-day details.

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Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) are unique because they offer something Human Resource Outsourcing (HROs) company’s simply can’t: liability protection.

Pay Pros goal is to be the No. 1 HR Outsourcing firm in Utah. So when you ask yourself, "Where can I find HR Outsourcing services near me?"... think no further than Pay Pros!


Time To Outsource Payroll and HR?

For most organizations, there comes a point when properly maintaining payroll and HR in-house is no longer feasible. Reaching that point can be different from company to company depending on the growth phase they are in, expansion plans, and overall business objectives.

With payroll and HR outsourcing in place, growing companies can save vast amounts of time and achieve valuable savings when compared to the costs and the time it takes to retain in-house talent; talent who is capable of properly performing payroll and HR duties. Give Pay Pros a call or visit our Payroll and HR Outsourcing Firm for a free evaluation of your savings.

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"I love not having to deal with payroll. I did not get into business with a desire to deal with this part of doing business. It is great to have a company that I trust who will pay my employees, create tax forms, and handle payroll taxes at a very reasonable price. Payroll for me is as simple as sending my employee's hours in an email. It is that simple and that awesome!"
- Cody B.

"Pay pros is a top notch payroll and HR outsourcing company. I have used them for almost two years now. They have always been helpful and knowledgeable. I appreciate their expertise in the payroll and HR fields. No matter the size of your company they want to help. Thanks pay pros."
- Steve B.

"Awesome company to outsource your payroll and HR needs. I am recommending their services because of the quality of staffing and the owners are amazing people. I see Nate on a consistent base and he's always happy and has a great sense of humor. I met Terry several times and he was informative and very helpful. He answered all my questions. Overall, I'm impressed with this company. "
- Ashley W.

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What is a PEO and how does it relate to HR Outsourcing in Utah?

A PEO such as Pay Pros, works through a co-employment arrangement. Essentially PEOs contractually hire your employees and lease them back to you, which means the PEO is the legal employer of record; assuming all legal, tax, compliance and other employee related liabilities including, but not limited to, HR Outsourcing services in Utah.

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J2 Cleaning Las Vegas has been using PayPros for as long as we've had employees (we've been in business for since 2003) and they are great. 52 pay weeks a year and never an issue. I did a lot of research before choosing a payroll company and I choose them because they handle everything, including the filing of tax fo...
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