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3 Reasons to Create a Culture of HR Transparency Utah County

Posted on Mar 26th 2019

There are dozens of reasons why HR transparency is a vital practice to adopt as part of your company's culture. Here are just 3 that make the case all by themselves: HR transparency reinforces a level playing field for all employees.

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Termination Timing Has a Cost Utah County

Posted on Mar 21st 2019

Timing is as big a cost factor in the firing process as the amount you're paying the person you're replacing. It's like watching the price tag go up and up, and even further up, as you walk along the wine rack. The further you walk, the higher the price.

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The Price of the Wrong Hire Utah County

Posted on Mar 19th 2019

Whether your business is a small team of 10 or a growing organization of 50 or more, you've no doubt considered the cost of your people. Not just salaries, benefits, and workers' compensation, but likely training, technology, overhead, and unanticipated costs as well.

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Are You Actively Managing Sunk Costs? Utah County

Posted on Mar 14th 2019

It's likely that your business has been saddled with sunk costs in the past. Software that should have been retired. Projects that should have been abandoned. Employees that should have been terminated.

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The Future of Work Utah County

Posted on Mar 12th 2019

The topic of remote work continues to be hotly debated. Deep-dive studies continue to evaluate the impact and value of remote work on productivity, collaboration, and company culture. And it's often argued that Millennials are hungrier for this kind of freedom than previous generations, making it potentially more difficult to hire and retain younger talent without a remote or flexible work arrangement as part of the offer.

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